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    Life in the fuse lage!

    Now a flight attendant in the Middle East.

    Follow me! :D

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    Last Chapter

    I guess this marks the end of my nursing journey…

    Once a nurse, always a nurse?

    It has been an amazing experience. Off to a new adventure! :)

    The End

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    Why you shouldn’t wear your uniform in public

    The other day I was having an impromptu meal with a friend after work.

    While eating…
    Weird lady: excuse me, are you a nurse?
    Me: erm… yea…? (thinking to myself that I should have brought extra civilian clothes!)
    Weird lady: can you help me dial this number? (passing to me her phone and a number to dial)
    Me: erm.. Why?
    Weird lady: just dial and say “Dr xx, (insert name) just hurt her arm in the elevator, could you courier her medication to her?
    Me: you hurt your arm?? There is a hospital here, you should see a Dr.
    Weird lady: no just call and say that!!
    Me: erm.. I don’t think so. Why don’t you call?
    Weird lady: I can’t move my hand!
    Me: okay , I’ll dial and you speak to this person.
    Weird lady: no!! I can’t speak English!
    (looking at my friend frowning, and what was that she was speaking??)
    Me: I’m sorry I can’t help you.
    Weird lady: TSK!

    Weird lady walked to her table and carry her tray of food to another table.

    Me to friend: SHE CAN’T MOVE HER HAND?!!!!!????

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    This patient of ours have been battling with AML for as long as my working time in the hospital. Even when I changed department, she appeared in my care too. Today, she finally ended her suffering… It was a relief.

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    Nobody can understand the role of a nurse unless they are nurses themselves. I think it is absolutely safe to say that nurses started with the desire to help. Maybe not all, but people who have a passion in this career they chose.
    I’m proud to be a nurse.

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    Almost two months in haematology, 4 deaths! I think haematology disease is a silent killer. Too emotional for me to handle sometimes because the patients seem so well today and die the next day. blah!

    Leaving the nursing profession in 20 days time! I’m happy, excited but scared at the same time.

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    I’d moved away from General Medical and went on to do Hematology. Not sure why I did that because I used to enjoy work so much back in medical. I guess I was getting bored of general stuff and wanted to specialize in something else before I try Intensive Care.

    God I was wrong. I thought it would be interesting but really, I guess this just isn’t exciting enough for me. Chemotherapy experience might be a special set of skills that can be added in my CV, but gawd….. It’s so boring. I regretted not moving on to Intensive Care which I wanted so much!

    And now, I’m moving on to a career change and will stop being a nurse for a while. Nursing is a meaningful and a job I love, but we all need a little fun while we’re young? Fingers cross!

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    itshazelnut said: Hello there :) I've read your posts and I'm just wondering where you work. I understand that it is confidential and you do not have to disclose which hospital. Im just wondering which country you work at. Thanks.

    Hi.. I’m working in Singapore :)

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    Somewhere right now a nurse is getting yelled at for being late with meds, holding their bladder because they don’t have time to pee, starving because they missed a meal, being peed on, puked on, bled on and is missing their family while taking care of yours. In the minute it took you to read this, nurses all over the world are saving lives.

    Repost if you are a nurse, love a nurse or appreciate nurses



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